Notes for JoAnn and Dave

“Beverly and I will be there.” —Bob Lashbrook

“Looking forward to it!” —Paul Jaeger

“Golden Years!!” —Lee Hunsaker

“Can’t wait to see you! Love Joe & Jenny” —Joe & Jenny Schmitz

“Happy B-Day” —Ray Tillotson

“Congratulations and hope you have a lovely day.” —Mike and Ethel Pitchford

“We will be looking to deliver our congratulations in person!” —Gail Taylor Koozer

“Congratulations, dear friends. Where has the time gone!” —Carol Kelso

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” — Richard and Judy Traister

“I wish you both a great time and thanks for your friendship.” —Howard Widoff

“To good friends, we wish a wonderful day.” —Lee and Karen Pearson

“A very blessed celebration to you both.” —Nancy Taylor

“We love you and we’ll see you soon.” —Judy Hiddleson

“Congratulations for 50 years of marriage and for both of your 70th birthdays.” —Sherien and John Jaeger

“Have a wonderful celebration; we will be thinking of you.” Roxana and Kelly Buechler

“looking forward to seeing you soon.” —Seiko and James Huntington

That’s a lot of years to celebrate in one day.” —Juliana and Keith Sandahl

“Congratulations to both of you.” —JJ and Kieu Johnston

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